“Christian” or “faith” preambles in your will

Your will is the last document usually associated with your life and legacy.  Using a preamble to make a statement of your faith, to “tell your story”, gives you the opportunity to create a legacy with your family.  This is because your will is regarded as the last important act you made on this earth.  By making a statement of faith in your preamble of your will, you are taking the opportunity to tell your loved ones who you really are and what was really important to you.  If you shared the Gospel in your life, use a preamble to share it in your death.  For those who have trust based plans, the will is the only public document in your otherwise private planning.  Your will is filed with a court upon your death, and it is available for the world to see.  Take that opportuntiy to tell your story and proclaim what you really believed.  Use your will to provide a concrete written legacy for your family.

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