The importance of having a healthcare power of attorney

In a recent blog post in Trusts & Estates, Amy Florian explores the need for clients to have a healthcare power of attorney.

Your clients rarely imagine themselves being unable to make important medical decisions for themselves. Yet it happens regularly. In fact, one way to introduce the topic is to tell your clients that a healthcare proxy comes into play at times we don’t think about – when someone is in the recovery room after a routine surgery or is unconscious after an accident – as well as the times we all think about, such as when a person is slipping into dementia.

Because young and healthy people also may need a healthcare proxy without warning, it is crucial for all of your clients to have one in place. Without the proper planning, the most important health decisions could end up in the hands of estranged family members, doctors, or even judges. How much better to have someone your client knows and trusts! Ensure that all of your clients, young and old, healthy and sickly, have a healthcare power of attorney completed.

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