The many uses of ClientDocx

For many DRC clients, ClientDocx – DRC’s secure, online vault – is an important tool for storing and sharing their Estate Planning documents with family members, financial advisors, and accountants.  However, this is only one of the many ways ClientDocx can benefit you.

There are numerous items you can store in ClientDocx.  Just think:

  •         How often does your spouse ask you to get a bank account or trading account number?
  •         Do you have easy access to or know what your spouse and children’s social security numbers are?
  •         Do you have a secure location to keep all of your username and passwords? (Assuming you don’t forget your ClientDocx ones, but we’ve got you covered!)
  •         Other important numbers:  passports, insurance policies, retirement accounts, credit cards, alarm codes, frequent flyer numbers, energy, cable, and wireless phone accounts …
  •         Other important documents:  insurance policy documents for your cars, home, life, a list of allergies and medications, important business agreements, photos of your personal property within your home in the event of fire, flood, or theft, copies of birth certificates for travel purposes …

All of these can easily be stored – and shared – in DRC’s ClientDocx vault.  Members of DRC’s Estate Planning Maintenance Program are automatically enrolled and enjoying the numerous benefits of ClientDocx.  You can too!  See our new info page here.

At DRC, we’re proud to provide our clients the most comprehensive and thoughtful care for their ever-changing needs.

Submitted By:  Anna E. Lineberger