The wealthy actually care about their society

In the debate over disparity separating America’s rich from the middle class, the wealthy aren’t usually associated with everyday concerns such as saving for college, helping struggling family members or ensuring a comfortable retirement.  In fact, the wealthy are more often derided as the “1 percent”, since their collective wealth eclipses that of the remaining 99 percent, and they are often defined by rarefied trappings of wealth. According to a study by The Boston Consulting Group, high net wealth individuals are worth more than $152 trillion collectively.

However, the CEO of a prominent wealth management firm told CNBC that the rich are more than just the sum of their lavish homes, luxury vehicles and large bank accounts. In fact, he said members of the top income bracket struggle to preserve capital and balance competing financial interests.

In that vein, money considerations among the rich aren’t too far removed from the middle class, though admittedly on a different scale.  Within the investor world, you have different levels of worth,” said John “Jack” Markwalter Jr., head of Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management, which holds $26 billion in assets under management.
Although their concerns are certainly not as acute as those of the middle class, even some wealthy families have to plan around pocketbook issues such as “paying for college, retirement and helping family members,” he said.

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