What are trust protectors and trust advisors and should they be part of my estate planning?

In a recent article, Thinking More Deeply on Trust Advisors and Protectors, WealthCounsel Quarterly, WealthCounsel’s Vice President for Education, Matt McLintock, discusses in depth issues related to using trust advisors and trust protectors.  The use of trust advisors and protectors in the domestic trusts & estates context has increased dramatically over the past couple of decades. Originally found in offshore asset protection trusts, the concept of granting discrete pow ers to a non­trustee pow er holder has introduced a great deal of flexibility in trust design and administration. The popularity of the use of trust advisors and protectors is reflected in the grow ing body of statutory recognition, now extending to several states with directed trust statutes on the books. Statutory recognition is sure to grow in the years to come.  The article provides a timely and comprehensive discussion of these issues.