ADR Services

ADR: Mediation, Arbitration and Christian Conciliation

DR’s “alternative dispute resolution” or “ADR” Services is headed up by David Schlachter, one of the most experienced and accomplished faith-based ADR attorneys/mediators/neutrals in the country. Mr. Schlachter and Christopher Seerveld are Certified Christian Conciliators through Peacemaker Ministries. Michael Reagor is a Certified Conflict Coach through Peacemaker Ministries. Mr. Schlachter counsels churches, non-profits and Christian-based businesses in conflict resolution, and for the past 10 years has served as a mediator/third party neutral over numerous mediations and arbitrations. Mr. Seerveld represents Christians and families in family and fiduciary based disputes and also serves as a mediator/third party neutral in family/matrimonial disputes. Mr. Reagor represents companies, individuals and families in mediation/arbitration/Christian conciliation proceedings, with a focus on resolving fiduciary disputes using Christian conciliation principles and methods.

DR offers “conflict resolution services” to individual, families and business clients in the following areas:

· Conflict resolution services, including conciliation, mediation and arbitration services
· Conflict consulting and representation for estate and wealth planning
· Conflict consulting and representation for business planning
· Conflict consulting and representation in family and fiduciary (probate and trust) disputes