Maintenance Program

Denver’s Best Value Maintenance Program to Protect Your Investment

Over the next several decades, trillions of dollars are expected to pass from one generation to the next.  Unfortunately, failed and outdated estate plans will cause a significant percentage of those dollars to be unnecessarily diverted to lawyers, probate courts, and the state and federal government in the form of higher than necessary fees, costs, and estate taxes. Most estate plans are out of date because the typical client will not return to update their plan, despite being recommended by their estate planning attorney.

The solution?  Partner with DR for our Estate Planning Maintenance Program.  Like an automatic sprinkler system to keep your lawn and plants from withering away, the DRC Maintenance Program enables your estate plan to withstand the fickle legal, financial, and social climates.

Why it Benefits Your Whole Family

Most clients retain an estate planning attorney to design an implement a plan. However, in order for any estate plan to be successful, it must be consistent with the current laws in effect, have assets (current and future) properly titled in accordance with the estate plan, and be aligned with the client’s ever changing family and personal goals.

The Maintenance Program includes the following:

  •        Minor trust amendments and will codicils related to change in fiduciaries and beneficiaries
  •        Continued access to ClientDocx
  •        Funding assistance for newly acquired assets
  •        Upon request, annual attorney review for changes in tax laws, family dynamics, and other potential legal matters we may assist you with
  •        Legal opinion letters for home mortgage refinancing
Reasons Your Estate Plan May Need Updating:
  •        There is a change in the tax law
  •        You purchase a new home or asset
  •        Your marital status changes
  •        There is a change in your health
  •        Your net worth increases or decreases
  •        You buy or sell a business
  •        The birth of a child, grandchild, or other person you’d like to benefit
  •        A designated beneficiary becomes married, divorced, disabled, or dies
  •        One or more beneficiaries has a significant increase or decrease in their net worth
  •        You desire to change those responsible for your plan, such as trustees, personal representatives, financial and healthcare agents
Talk to DR
Effective planning is never done halfway into the crisis.  An hour of our time today can save you from years of stress and headache down the road.  After-hours appointments are available upon request.  All initial consultations are free.  To sign up for the Maintenance Program, contact Lisa Evans by phone at 303-793-3400 or Email Ms. Evans.