Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Managers and owners of businesses today look to our courts as an absolute last resort to dispute resolution. What business owners want are lawyers who recognize this fact. But when litigation becomes necessary, business owners want attorneys who are knowledgeable about the litigation process, the business process, the concerns of businesspersons, and the desire for a prompt and fair resolution of the dispute.

At DR, we represent all types and sizes of businesses in litigation matters. We are equipped to handle the ten thousand dollar dispute as well as the ten million dollar dispute. We have successfully handled numerous complex business disputes on a cost-effective basis using modern office technology.

From the beginning of the process to the end, we never lose sight of the concerns of our client. At the same time, we explain the process and what is necessary to prevail in the dispute, and we organize and prepare for that success. We also discuss risks and problems early on, so such issues can be evaluated by our business clients at the earliest possible time.

Lastly, we endeavor to carry litigation disputes to alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation, wherever possible. Our experience in these forums gives our clients an added advantage.

At DR, our philosophy in commercial litigation is to represent our clients in disputes in a manner that will establish and build long-term relationships. When the dispute is resolved, we want our clients to continue to look to us for their future business planning.