Nonprofit Start-up and Formation

Over the past four decades, we have helped numerous nonprofits start up.  Today, we focus on a complete and comprehensive process that will help our nonprofit clients by expediting the entire process, and providing assistance in areas critical for success:

  • Counseling and planning for a “business plan” for the nonprofit/charity
  • A proven “soup to nuts” process which we clearly outline for our clients before beginning the process
  • Flat fee based representation, providing timing and financial certainty to our clients
  • Careful and thoughtful organization at the state level, including consideration of the important content in bylaws and mission statements
  • Comprehensive counseling regarding exemption application “best practices” and pitfalls
  • Patient hand-holding through the process of completing the exemption application
  • Professional and timely communication and negotiation with the IRS
  • Careful and comprehensive counseling for directors and officers
  • Thoughtful and organized “initial organizational meetings” to help the nonprofit off to a focused start
  • Thoughtful and comprehensive business advise for all the other important consideration of the nonprofit, including tax issues and intellectual property counseling
  • A proven

If you are forming a non-profit, or need assistance in non-profit related matters, we’d love to help you as you improve your community and world.  Read this article for helpful information on the process required to obtain tax exempt status.

Read her for helpful information on how to apply for tax exempt status under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).