Probate, Trust and Fiduciary Litigation

Trust and Probate Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Disputes among family members after the death of a loved one are among the most stressful periods of life. Whether a dispute arises because of pre-death conflict, post-death conflict, family expectations, ambiguities in a trust or will, elder abuse, dishonesty or fraud, you want a trust or probate litigator with:

– Expert knowledge in trust and probate law
– Significant experience in both small and large disputes
– Experience and skill in complex litigation
– Experience and skill in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and settlement conferences
– Strong ethics focusing on client goals and needs, so that cases can be solved quickly and efficiently

At Dymond Reagor, our litigation practice is focused on probate, trust, conservatorship, guardianship and related elderlaw issues. We are also known throughout Colorado for our trust reformation and modification practice. Because we are also planning attorneys, helping individuals and families actually plan for their futures, families and estates, we are uniquely qualified and situated to bring true problem-solving to probate litigation. When strength and zeal are needed to defend a fiduciary or to hold a fiduciary accountable, our litigation skills and resources, combined with our knowledge of trust and probate law, give us significant resources for the battle.

Our probate and trust litigation practice focus on the following types of cases:

Will Contests
Cases involving or alleging breach of fiduciary and trustee duties
Capacity and Undue Influence cases
Complex probate administration, including intestate cases
Estate Valuation disputes
Conservatorship and guardianship cases
Disinheritance Issues
Commercial disputes involving trustees

Over the last two decades, DRC’s Michael Reagor and Chris Seerveld have tried and settled scores of complex cases, including some of the largest most complex trust and probate matters in recent years in Colorado. Michael Reagor regularly litigates trust and probate matters throughout the Western U.S. David Schlachter is recognized as one of the pre-eminient faith based mediators and arbitrators in the U.S.

What separates us from other firms is our history and commitment to client service and alternative dispute resolution. We passionately and diligently represent our clients, but we press clients to explore solutions that can promote reconciliation and family harmony.

We represent clients in probate courts across the state of Colorado and the Mountain West. Call our Denver Probate Litigation attorneys today for a free consultation.

If you have a trust or probate dispute and are unsure where to turn, contact us for a free consultation.