Estate Plan Portfolio

Periodically we will post samples of our work for you to examine and download. These samples are for illustration purposes only.

Estate Planning Portfolio – This is an example of a typical Estate Planning portfolio prepared for a married individual. The estate plan incorporates the use of a Living Revocable Trust, which is designed to maximize use of both spouses Unified Credit Exemption Amount, thus saving the family significant estate taxes. The portfolio also includes:

  • Pour-Over Will to fund the Living Trust with any assets in the probate estate
  • Personal Property Memorandum for the distribution of tangible personal property
  • General Durable Power of Attorney in the event of an incapacity
  • Health Care Documents, including a Living Will (“Advanced Directive”), Healthcare Power of Attorney and HIPAA-compliant release
  • Affidavit of Trust to assist in the transfer of assets to the Living Revocable Trust
  • Section containing important information in the event of incapacity and/or at time of death
  • Section containing After Death Procedures
  • Instructions for funding and maintaining the Living Revocable Trust