These are exciting times in the DRC estate planning office as the current tax regime is well on its way to a land of uncertainty.  WealthCounsel members Michael Reagor and Anna Lineberger are pleased to announce the free resource available to you at www.EstatePlanning.com for your many estate planning questions and goals.
EstatePlanning.com™ is a service provided by The WealthCounsel Companies, a nationwide collaborative of estate planning attorneys and wealth planning professionals who are dedicated to providing the best planning possible for American families.
EstatePlanning.com provides you with objective, plain-English resources you need to answer your estate planning questions . . . and to help you better understand estate planning and the estate planning process. EstatePlanning.com can also connect you with an estate planning professional, such as Dymond Reagor Colville, LLP, or other recommended counsel in your geographic area.

Submitted by Anna E. Lineberger, Esq.